Southern Coalfields

Amtrak's Hilltopper Ended In 1979. Federal Study Hints At A Revival

Far southern West Virginia has been without passenger rail service since 1979.

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Warmer Climate In W.Va. Equals More Rainfall And More Floods

Curtis Tate spoke with Nicolas Zegre, an associate professor of forest hydrology at West Virginia University, about what’s behind this trend.

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Diabetes Care, First Responder Mental Health And A Haunted Boat, This West Virginia Week

On this West Virginia Week, we'll hear about diabetes management and prevention. We’ll also hear about a mental health resource for first responders. We’ll hear from an author with roots in the southern coalfields. And because Halloween was this week, we’ll hear a story about a haunted boat. 

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A Model Train Club Faces Uncertainty

This week, we hop a tiny train to discover the miniature wonders of a West Virginia model railroad club that now faces an uncertain future. We also visit Madison, West Virginia — a former coal community that's looking to reinvent itself. And we visit a cemetery in Bluefield, Virginia and learn how racial segregation extended from cradle to the grave. You’ll hear these stories and more this week, Inside Appalachia.

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