Gas and Oil Association of West Virginia

Legislative Interims, Digital Parenting Demands And Composting, This West Virginia Week

On this West Virginia Week, legislators started off the week back in Charleston for the first time since the end of the regular session for interim meetings. Meanwhile, we heard about the state’s rising natural gas production, the new challenges of digital devices for parents, and ahead of Earth Day, we took a look at a major composting operation. 

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Gas Group’s Chief Talks About MVP, Carbon And Coal Competition

Curtis Tate spoke with Charlie Burd, president of the West Virginia Gas and Oil Association, about the state’s role in supplying the global market.

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Federal Data: United States Was Globe's Top Exporter Of LNG In 2023

U.S. exports of LNG totaled nearly 12 billion cubic feet a day, more than any other country.

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Presentation: Renewables, Gas Poised To Dominate U.S. Power Grid

Curtis Wilkerson, founder and CEO of Orion Strategies, a public relations firm, said wind and solar are now the cheapest form of electricity.

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