Aboveground Storage Tank

House Passes Bill To Exempt Oil, Gas Operators From Aboveground Storage Tank Act

The West Virginia House of Delegates voted Wednesday to roll back regulation of above-ground storage tanks owned by oil and gas operators.House Bill 2598 applies to some of the only oil and gas tanks still regulated by the 2014 Aboveground Storage Tank Act, since most other oil and gas tanks have been exempted from the law in the last seven years since its passage.

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Label Your Aboveground Storage Tanks, Says DEP

West Virginia’s Department of Environmental Protection is encouraging aboveground storage tank owners to comply with a new law and label their tanks.The…

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Farmers Exempt from New Tank Law, But is Water Still Protected?

It’s well-known what happened in the Kanawha Valley on January 9, 2014. A massive chemical leak into the Elk River left tap water unusable for 300,000…

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Governor Questions Concealed Carry Bill

At the Legislature today, Senators begin to focus in on the state's four billion dollar budget as they wait for Delegates to approve some major pieces of…

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