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Senate President: W.Va. Senate Coalfields Initiative Will Continue


  Democratic Senate President Jeff Kessler says an initiative to revitalize the struggling southern coalfields will continue.

In a news release Wednesday, Kessler said a second listening tour stop is set for the evening of Nov. 18 in Oak Hill.

The Southern Coalfields Organizing and Revitalizing the Economy initiative, or SCORE, aims to diversify southern West Virginia. The panel plans to make recommendations before the January legislative session.

Early ideas range from workforce retraining to coal bed methane development.

A day earlier, Democratic Sen. Mike Green had said the initiative was on hold until Republicans decided its fate. Republicans won Senate control after last week’s election and one Democratic defection to the GOP.

Green is SCORE’s co-chairman.

Republicans also won the House of Delegates majority. Democrats won’t relinquish majorities until January.