Revamping the W.Va. School Aid Funding Formula


President of the West Virginia Board of Education David Perry joins host Suzanne Higgins to weigh in on multiple proposals this session, including their own to the school aid funding formula. We’ll also have our Social Media Monday segment and the latest from the Capitol with Senior Statehouse Reporter Dave Mistich.

It was the coldest day of the year at the Capitol, but that didn’t stop an outdoor celebration of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. Reporter Randy Yohe brings us this story.

West Virginia Board of Education President David Perry joins us to discuss education hopes for this state Legislative session. Here are highlights from the interview:

  • Omnibus Education Bill to come out of Senate Education Committee
    • Pay raises
    • Charter Schools
    • Ability to pay teachers during a work stoppage
  • Local control
  • Low test scores in West Virginia
    • Math
    • Reading
  • School Aid Funding Formula
Senior Statehouse Reporter Dave Mistich also joins us to discuss the latest action from the Capitol including Senate Bill 1 – the community and technical college tuition assistance bill, medical marijuana legislation, and House Bill 2008 – relating to nonpartisan election of justices of the Supreme Court of Appeals.

Digital Reporter Shayla Klein also join us for our Social Media Monday segment.

On Tuesday’s show, the Community and Technical College bill will be on amendment stage in the Senate; we’ll bring you coverage of that, and we’ll also have highlights from a public hearing on a significant bill to address the state’s foster care system.