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Officials Mull Extended Airport Runway After Landslide


Kanawha County officials are looking at restoring, or possibly extending, the Yeager Airport runway after a March 2015 landslide.

The Charleston Gazette-Mail reports that Kanawha County Commission President Kent Carper would like to double the runway length. He made the comments during a tour of the slide zone Tuesday.

Carpers says he favors extending the 6,802-foot runway onto land owned by Kanawha County and Coonskin Park, which is county-operated.

Efforts to remove 377,000 cubic yards of debris from the landslide at the airport’s safety-overrun area are nearly complete. Terry Sayre, Yeager Airport’s executive director, says the final debris should be cleaned up by the end of October.

The Yeager board is awaiting the outcome of a 28-party lawsuit that followed the landslide.