Matt Jackfert Published

Nissman Releases New "Rachmaninoff, Prokofiev, and Ramey" CD


World-renowned West Virginia Pianist Barbara Nissman recently released her latest project from Three Oranges Recordings. Rachmaninoff, Prokofiev, Ramey is the 26th recording collaboration among Nissman, piano technician David Barr, and producer Bill Purse. This newest CD features the dazzling pianism of Rachmaninoff Piano Sonata No. 2 in B-flat minor, the short fragment and possibly last notes of Prokofiev in the Piano Sonata No. 10 in E minor, the adventurous Ramey Piano Sonata No. 10, and the beautiful Rachmaninoff Six Moment Musicaux. 


Cover of Nissman’s latest CD: Rachmaninoff, Prokofiev and Ramey

The Lewisburg, WV resident, Nissman, brings her incredible technique and nuance to the piano in this recording, and brings these great pieces to life in a recording that sounds like you’re in the concert hall with her. Take a listen to this interview with Nissman along with selections from the CD. You can also purchase the CD here.