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Having a healthy workforce is the foundation for a strong economy. Recent announcements in West Virginia of companies locating here, coupled with federal infrastructure programs that demand reliable workers, it raises a simple yet important question: Does the state have the people for the jobs?

In this new series from West Virginia Public Broadcasting, our newsroom takes a deep dive into the strengths and challenges of West Virginia’s workforce.


Randy Yohe,Sep. 19, 2023

Rebuttal To WorkForce W.Va. Job-Seeking Services Story

“There are people out there that need work. I don’t know how to find them. And I’m not having much luck with WorkForce,” Brent Sears said.

Caroline MacGregor,Sep. 14, 2023

Severe Shortage Of Skilled Trades Has Ripple Effect Across Housing Industry

A lack of available housing inventory, and land on which to build, is exacerbated by a massive shortage of laborers and skilled tradesmen to build the houses.

Randy Yohe,Sep. 12, 2023

WorkForce West Virginia; Duties And Direction

Randy Yohe spoke with Scott Adkins, acting commissioner of Workforce West Virginia, on the job seeking services the agency provides — and how they are working

Curtis Tate,Sep. 08, 2023

Federal Funding At Work: Building Infrastructure And Jobs In Appalachia

The Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, along with the Inflation Reduction Act of last year and other programs are bringing a lot of federal dollars to places like Wheeling.

Chris Schulz,Aug. 31, 2023

State Struggles With National Teacher Shortage

Teaching is the career that all other careers are built on, but recently West Virginia has struggled to fill vacancies in classrooms.

Emily Rice,Aug. 29, 2023

Shortages Vary Across Hospitals

Staffing shortages place an immense strain on the entire health care system, leaving hospitals and medical centers overwhelmed and unable to provide optimal care for patients.

Emily Rice,Aug. 24, 2023

Nursing Shortages Limit Timely Care In W.Va.

Nursing had the highest overall rates of vacancies and turnovers of all the professions studied in a hospital workforce report.

Randy Yohe,Aug. 17, 2023

W.Va. Government Facing, Meeting Workforce Development Challenges 

The state government has been successful in attracting national corporations to set up shop in West Virginia. And, they say tourism jobs are ready to explode. The challenge now is filling thousands of positions that demand a wide variety of skill sets.

Eric Douglas,Aug. 15, 2023

Jobs Are Coming To W.Va., But Will The Workers Follow?

Do we have enough people to do the jobs, and are enough people willing to work at all? Eric Douglas kicks off our newest radio series, “Help Wanted: Understanding West Virginia’s Labor Force.”