New President of WV AFL-CIO Announced

Josh Sword

West Virginia AFL-CIO Secretary-Treasurer Josh Sword has been appointed to fill the unexpired term of President Kenny Perdue, who is retiring at the end of this year.  

The organization’s Executive Board decided in a unanimous vote Tuesday that Sword should take the helm noting his extensive experience and his dedicated service with the West Virginia AFL-CIO.

Joe Carter, a member of the Executive Board and longtime United Mine Workers of America leader, will serve as interim Secretary-Treasurer.

Perdue has spent the past 12 years representing 575 local unions and 140,000 active and retired members of the AFL-CIO.  He sat down with us earlier this week.

Josh Sword takes office on January 1. The current presidential term expires in October 2017, when the WV AFL-CIO will hold its constitutional convention.