New Playground Just a Step in Revitalization of Huntington Riverfront


A new playground at Harris Riverfront Park in Huntington could serve as the beginning of a revitalized riverfront.

Huntington Mayor Steve Williams along with Greater Huntington Park and Recreation District officials opened the new playground yesterday morning. The $50,000 playground was paid for by the Greater Huntington Park and Recreation District. The playground is just one step among many that Huntington Mayor Steve Williams hopes revitalizes the park.

“We were able to close the marina that was rusted out and it was an eyesore, we have this new playground for children to come in, we’re in the midst of developing the skate park on the west end of the park and I expect that will create a spray ground right at the tenth street entrance as we come in,” Williams said.

Mayor Williams also said the long-term plan calls for the expansion of the amphitheater and opening up the area for commerce as well. Williams said there is no worry that past problems with the homeless living in the park will keep the revitalization from occurring.

“The problem with homelessness diminishes the more you bring in additional people. If you don’t have activities for the general public, it becomes a haven for those that don’t want to be seen, the best thing that can happen is when you bring crowds, then a lot of illicit behavior stops,” Williams said.

Harris Riverfront Park is a City owned park that is managed and maintained under contract by the Greater Huntington Park and Recreation District.