Trey Kay, Mitch Hanley Published

My Friend From Camp

Moazzam Begg (with son) and Albert Melise
Trey Kay and Mitch Hanley

Two men, one a British citizen of Pakistani heritage, and the other a former housing police officer in the Boston area, were unlikely to meet, until the terror attacks of September 11th, 2001. But after the Bush Administration launched the War on Terror, Moazzam Begg was detained and held at the U.S. Detention Camp at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba where Albert Melise was a guard. You can’t get much more Us & Them than that.

We’re rebroadcasting this episode, which was recently honored with a first place award for Long Documentary by the Public Media Journalists Association.

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This episode was produced by Trey Kay and Mitch Hanley.