Mingo Housing Authority Takes Novel Approach To Opioid Treatment Facility


On this West Virginia Morning, a vacant hotel in Williamson, Mingo County, is set to open as a sober-living facility, run by the county’s housing authority. As Molly Born reports, the complex is likely to be a controversial addition to the southern West Virginia town hit hard by the opioid epidemic.

Also on today’s show, there are more than 2.7 million seniors in the Ohio Valley. As this aging community grows, so does a lack of control over many aspects of their lives — from transportation to health care and more. Nicole Erwin reports that even something as simple as a pool tournament can raise questions about who calls the shots in a senior’s life.

And West Virginia University welcomed a new Mountaineer mascot to the fold last week. From inside the “passing of the rifle” ceremony, Brittany Patterson has more.