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Mind-Body Connection, Pt. 5 – Melita Mollohan


It is estimated that 40 million Americans now practice yoga. If that isn’t a cultural mind-shift, I don’t know what is.

Beginning with the counterculture of the ’60’s, slowly, ever so slowly,  concepts like organic, vegetarianism, vegan, and meditation have taken hold in our commercial American culture. I have cynically said of my country that if Americans can’t place a dollar amount on something, we are mystified. And spiritualism, in any form outside of the go-to-church-on-Sunday variety, is often dismissed.

Yet, here we are, some five decades later, and these positive ideas are flourishing.

On meditation:  "When you find the space between your thoughts, that little space, and if you can make that space bigger and bigger each time that you find that space, stay in that space as long as you can. Because that's where the real work's at and that's where the real benefit comes from.'

Fast forward to now and Melita Mollohan, based in Morgantown, has taken the best of these ideas and made it a lifestyle and a vocation.  She treats patients with Bowen Therapy – a therapy that encourages the body’s own healing. Plus, she practices yoga, meditation and juicing. If that weren’t enough, she’s now in her second year of beekeeping!

A former accountant, she found something lacking in that line of work: happiness. Making a leap of faith, she followed her heart into her current work as healer and teacher.

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Credit Melita Molohan.
Sweet Babaji complete with beacon nose.

Part of the fun of following Melita on Face Book are her pictures of her greyhound, Babaji. Babaji’s sweet face is made even more adorable by the rather large proboscis, which I have dubbed The Beacon.