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Manchin Previews President's State of the Union Address

Joe Manchin

U.S. Senator Joe Manchin held a conference call Tuesday previewing President Barack Obama’s State of the Union address and what it could mean for West Virginia. 

Senator Joe Manchin said he expects Obama to recap his accomplishments from his two terms leading into his final year as president. Manchin said he’s looking forward to hearing about what’s next in the fight against drug abuse and what it could mean for the state. But Manchin said when Obama is touting his accomplishments he has to realize states like West Virginia have struggled with “unobtainable” clean air standards from the Obama administration.

“​I’m sure he’ll talk about the legacy of the jobs he created and that’s wonderful, they talk all about these jobs, guess what,” said Manchin.

“You’re a president of 50 states–not of 49 or 45 or 40–you can’t leave any of us behind, that’s not what you’re charged to do and it’s not what we are as a country.”

​Manchin also expects to hear much more about gun violence.