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Listen: How to Make an Album with the Company Stores


Have you ever wondered how to create your own album? Or maybe were just curious as to how a band goes from their garage to professional recording studio? Let Matt Jackfert take you through a 10-step process of creating your very own album by following Charleston-based group, The Company Stores, as they went from playing in basements and garages in 2013, to releasing a full album in 2014 called Rollin’ In.


Credit Matt Jackfert
Intense clapping session during “Street Corner Blues”

The first step may be simplest and the most difficult: Get off the Couch and Start Playing Music. Once you start playing real music with a regular group and go about it in an active, passionate way, things can start to happen–like getting a phone call to headline the Bramwell Beer Festival as the Company Stores did in 2013.


Credit Matt Jackfert
Electro Voice interviewing mic from the early 60s. Did I mention that Don is really old school?

Discover the other 9 steps and listen to the album by clicking the play button at the top of the page. 

Band Members:
Casey Litz — Lead Singer
Matt Marks — Guitar
Joseph Cevallos — Violin, Trumpet, Harmonica, and a whole bunch of other stuff
John Query — Percussion
Grant Jacobs — Bass
Joey Liegel — Former Bassist

To find out more about The Company Stores and to buy Rollin’ In, visit: