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LISTEN: Darrell Scott Has The Mountain Stage Song Of The Week

Darrell and Kathy Mattea

This week’s episode was recorded without an audience with appearances from Darrell Scott, Kathy Mattea, Todd Burge, and a virtual performance from Suzzy Roche & Lucy Wainwright Roche. Join us starting March 26 on your favorite public radio station.

Our Song of the Week, “There’s A Stone Around My Belly” is performed by Darrell Scott and appears on his newest release, Jaroso. The album was recorded in and inspired by the last village in south-central Colorado on the New Mexico border. Scott made his latest album in a friend’s small adobe church, armed with his guitar, a single microphone, and the energy of a small audience who learned of the intimate experience by word-of-mouth.

Darrell Scott – "There's A Stone Around My Belly," Live on Mountain Stage
Darrell Scott performs "There's A Stone Around My Belly" live on Mountain Stage, 12/6/20

Darrell Scott live on Mountain Stage

This episode was recorded without a live audience, in December of 2020 and marked Mountain Stage’s 37th anniversary. Like many things in 2020, things looked a little different, but thanks to the efforts of West Virginia Public Broadcasting’s video production team, fans were able to watch the live show as it happened from the comfort of their homes.

Join us this week as we welcome Darrell Scott, Grammy winner and frequent guest host Kathy Mattea, witty Appalachian songster Todd Burge and dynastic mother-daughter duo Suzzy Roche and Lucy Wainwright Roche. Suzzy and Lucy were unable to join us in Charleston for the live taping but sent a virtual performance to be included in the radio broadcast. Listen this week on your favorite public radio station.

This week, in honor of the anniversary broadcast, Mountain Stage hopes to welcome 37 new Mountain Stage Members to the MS family!

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