Lawsuits Against Former Mingo County Judge Settled

Judge Michael Thornsbury

Two lawsuits against former Mingo County Circuit Court Judge Michael Thornsbury have been settled.

Robert Woodruff’s federal lawsuit alleged malicious prosecution, false arrest and wrongful imprisonment. His wife filed a separate suit in Kanawha County Circuit Court.

Federal court documents say Robert Woodruff’s case is settled.

The Woodruffs’ attorney, Mike Callaghan, says the wife’s case has also been settled. He declined to specify settlement terms.

Thornsbury was indicted last year on charges of trying to frame Woodruff for several crimes. The charges were later dismissed in exchange for Thornsbury’s guilty plea in a separate case involving a scheme to protect the late Mingo County Sheriff Eugene Crum.

Thornsbury is serving a 50-month sentence in a Florida federal prison. He was transported to South Central Regional Jail for a potential trial.