Justice: Veto, Special Budget Session Inevitable


On The Legislature Today, Gov. Jim Justice has extended the regular session by one day to allow lawmakers more time to work on a budget bill, but he says its unlikely the House and Senate will be able to complete a budget in that time that he would actually sign. 

The governor discusses a likely special budget session, the bills he’ll present lawmakers on a session call, and his gasoline tax increase that Justice says has been “childishly” pulled from consideration in the House.

Senators have approved a bill that was the subject of intense debate in the House earlier in the session—ending the West Virginia Women’s Commission. Once again, the chamber’s female members took a stand supporting the measure.


With the passage of their budget bill yesterday behind them, members of the House are working their way through a number of bills left on their agenda this legislative session. Liz McCormick brings us a look at three of the bills approved in the chamber.