Inspiring Hope In Self And Others Through A Mindset Of ‘Growth’


On this West Virginia Morning, we talk with psychologist Carol Dweck on building resilience in ourselves and our neighbors. She compares the tradition of barn raising to emotional support we can offer each other, to not lose hope. We also take a look at the newly created West Virginia Narcotics Intelligence Unit and we bring you this week’s Mountain Stage Song of the Week.

Gov. Jim Justice issued an executive order last week to create a state-level Narcotics Intelligence Unit. The goal is to gather intelligence on drug crimes through forensic accounting and computer data analysis. Emily Allen has more.

This weekend’s episode of Inside Appalachia explores stories about resilience, and survival. Psychologist Carol Dweck is the author of “Mindset: The New Psychology of Success”. Jessica Lilly recently sat down to speak with Dweck about how we as humans think about our own talents and abilities, and how these mindsets can dramatically influence our lives.

Our Mountain Stage Song of the Week comes from singer-songwriter Mark Cline Bates. Here’s his heart-wrenching tale about aging, reflection, regret and loss called “Ginger.”

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