Imagining a Future Where Cancer Treatment Doesn't Involve Chemicals


West Virginia University researchers are partnering to investigate whether “bioelectric signaling” can be used to treat breast cancer. 

Most cancer research focuses on the chemical workings of the body. But how cells communicate electrically may impact cancer too.

Basically, cancer cells are a part of the body, but are mutated, causing tumors. Generally, the body has mechanisms to deal with the mutations, but sometimes the mechanisms fail due to overwork or age or exposure to toxins among other things.

Traditional cancer treatment not only kills the bad cells, but also good cells.

The new research is investigating whether changing a cell’s electrical frequency can cause the body’s natural defense mechanisms to “reset” and prevent cancer.

Researchers say they are still in the early stages of discovery, but if successful, the treatment could provide an alternative that doesn’t involve chemicals for multiple cancer types.

Appalachia Helth News

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