Matt Jackfert Published

Husband and Wife Pair Bring Their Cultures to the Concert Hall


Generally when a musician makes a mistake in a concert, he or she can just go home and forget about it. When your husband or wife is also your partner in music, that may not be so easy! That’s the case for the Fa2 Duo–the violin and piano duo comprised of Cristian and Victoria Fatu.

In the late 2000’s, Cristian and Victoria came from Romania and Russia respectively, to study at Park University in Missouri. There, the two met during a musical collaboration and continued their work together. Later, they would get married and become what is known as the Fa2 Duo. The husband-and-wife pair performs a wide variety of music while also bringing musical flavors from their home countries by self-arranging folk tunes for their violin and piano ensemble.

The duo has two upcoming concerts:

April 26th, 7:30 PM
West Virginia State University
Davis Fine Arts Theater

April 27th, 8:15 PM
West Virginia University
Bloch Performance Hall,
Creative Arts Center

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