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How to Make an Album with the Company Stores


Ever wondered how a band makes it from garage to professional studio? Join us this Memorial Day on radio as we go inside the making of an album. We track Charleston-based band The Company Stores as they create their first album Rollin’ In. On Monday night at 8 PM, Matt Jackfert will walk you through each step and will give you a behind-the-scenes tour as we listen in on the planning and recording of the album. 

You’ll get to meet each member of the band, and you’ll hear from Don Dixon, who has produced gold records and has worked with bands like R.E.M.  The mad scientist was able to run his equipment like no other to record a masterful album. 


Only Don Dixon can understand what is going on in this mess.

Many aspects of the album took serious work and planning. But some were spontaneous and whimsical, including the photoshoot at a log cabin in Charleston, where a Candy Feast took their Willy Wonka cover song “Pure Imagination” to a much more hedonistic level. It also served as a theme for the album as a 5-pound gummy bear adorns each CD cover. 

Other aspects were surprising as the band was at first denied from playing at the 2013 Bramwell Beer Festival, but was then later was asked to headline. This is one of the many venues The Company Stores has played in its short existence. 


Credit Matt Jackfert
Don Dixon on the Air Guitar as Matt, Casey and Joey look on.

Hear all of these stories and more, plus the steps to making your own album on How to Make an Album with the Company Stores. Monday night at 8 on radio. 

Band Members:
Casey Litz — Singer
Matt Marks — Guitar
Joseph Cevallos — Violin, Trumpet, Harmonica, and a lot of other stuff
John Query — Percussion
Grant Jacobs — Bassist

Joey Liegel — Former Bassist

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