Hemp Farmers In Ohio Valley Struggle To Stay Afloat In An Industry They Feel Was ‘Overhyped’


On this West Virginia Morning, hemp farmers in the region are coming up short – really short – on the return on their investment into the fledgling industry.

Those protesting pipelines and other industrial sites could be subject to fines and imprisonment under a new bill being considered in the West Virginia House of Delegates. As Dave Mistich reports, the lower chamber’s Judiciary Committee held a public hearing Monday on a measure known as the West Virginia Critical Infrastructure Protection Act.

A new study has found that when grandparents live in the home, grandchildren have an almost 30 percent risk of developing childhood obesity and being overweight. Kara Lofton reports.

The booming demand for CBD products has pushed Ohio Valley farmers to grow more hemp than ever before since the crop was reintroduced. CBD is a compound made from hemp that many claims has medicinal benefits. But the price of hemp has crashed for farmers. And GenCanna, one of the most prominent hemp companies in the Ohio Valley, filed for bankruptcy last week. Liam Niemeyer reports many hemp farmers are feeling burned in an industry they believe was overhyped.

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In his second term, Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf has set ambitious climate goals for the state. But he’s also embraced the carbon-emitting petrochemical industry. For State Impact Pennsylvania, the Allegheny Front’s Reid Frazier looks at the governor’s tightrope on climate.

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