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Harpers Ferry Mayor Says City Sales Tax Beneficial

Harpers Ferry was the site of the US Armory, and played a vital role before and during the Civil War.

The mayor of Harpers Ferry says the Eastern Panhandle community has brought in $60,000 over six months from the implementation of a city sales and use tax after being granted home rule status.

The Journal reports Harpers Ferry Mayor Gregory Vaughn says the 1 percent sales tax has been “a tremendous benefit” in the town of about 290 residents.

More than a year ago, Harpers Ferry was given a larger say in how it governs. The home rule program shifts power from the state to the local level.

The Legislature created the home rule program in 2007 as a five-year pilot in Bridgeport, Charleston, Huntington and Wheeling. More than two dozen municipalities are participating in the program. Many have implemented the 1 percent city sales tax.