Growing Lavender on Barren Strip Mines – Agribusinesses on the Rise


On The Legislature Today, host Andrea Lannom chats with two senators who sit on the Senate Judiciary Committee – Sen. Mark Maynard, R-Wayne, and Sen. Mike Romano, D-Harrison. We explore a handful of issues with these two lawmakers. Also in this episode, we spotlight an entrepreneurial agribusiness – growing lavender on barren strip mines.

Breakdown of the Interview:

  • Reaction to Sen. Corey Palumbo’s, D-Kanawha, floor speech on respect and decorum
  • Teacher pay raises
  • Business Inventory Tax
  • Severance Tax
  • PEIA issues
  • Teachers strike?
  • Intermediate Court of Appeals

Feb. 7 is Agriculture and Conservation Day at the Capitol, and agribusinesses are gaining more attention and interest as lawmakers consider incentives to diversify the economy. When you picture the Appalachians, you might think of those scenic photographs of beautiful mountains and winding rivers. However, there are the less picturesque landscapes too – views of mountaintops that have been stripped away by mining. But imagine if these barren landscapes were covered with purple fields of lavender. Reporter Roxy Todd reports on a group of West Virginians developing an agribusiness and giving a boost to their local economy.

Join us again on Feb. 7 as we speak with West Virginia Commissioner of Agriculture Kent Leonhardt about his legislative priorities, including the need to support the development of West Virginia’s agribusinesses.

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