Eric Douglas Published

Gov. Justice Postpones Tuesday Events For Medical Issue

A picture of Governor Jim Justice wearing a grey suit and red tie.
Gov. Jim Justice said what they found in the latest corrections crisis incident, "wasn't pretty".
W.Va. Governor's Office

Gov. Jim Justice announced Monday evening that he postponed previously planned events in Huntington and Point Pleasant on Tuesday due a medical issue. He does plan to reschedule the events later.

In a statement he said he traveled to Morgantown for a meeting and planned appointment at Ruby Memorial Hospital to address pain in his lower back. He received an injection to address the pain and the doctors told him not to drive for 24 hours.

“I would like to extend my heartfelt appreciation to the entire team at WVU Medicine for their professional and dedicated care,” Justice said. “As a state, we are truly fortunate to have such an incredible healthcare resource available to us.”

Justice said he does still plan to speak at the Gas and Oil Association meeting on Tuesday morning at the Greenbrier and will be in Charleston for events on Wednesday including his media briefing.