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GOP Asks State Supreme Court to Fill Ballot Spot


  Kanawha County Republicans have filed a challenge with the West Virginia Supreme Court to fill an empty House of Delegates ballot slot.

Marie Sprouse-McDavid and the Kanawha County Republican Executive Committee filed the challenge Monday. It targets Secretary of State Natalie Tennant and state Election Commission members.

Last month, the Election Commission denied Republicans’ request to fill a 35th District ballot vacancy left by GOP Del. Suzette Raines’ withdrawal last month. Sprouse-McDavid would run instead.

Raines said she needed time to heal after her mother’s death in March and the end of her engagement. She’s completing her term.

A legal complaint by state Democrats alleged Raines doesn’t live where she claims. It said she didn’t file or sign certain paperwork.

Commissioners said Raines’ extenuating circumstances didn’t suffice under election law.