Fifth-Graders Talk about Favorite Holiday Traditions for Youth-Reporting Project


On this West Virginia Morning, health reporter Kara Lofton spent the semester working with fifth-graders at Valley Elementary school on a youth-reporting project. In the following audio postcard, we’ll hear from six of those students about how holiday traditions help them feel connected to their families and their communities.

Also on today’s show, we hear another in our series of Recovery Stories –– conversations from the heart of the nation’s opioid crisis. Today, we hear from 31-year-old Sarah Clay, from Dayton, Ohio. In 2007, she met her husband Justin.

Their family grew. But everything soon changed when the couple fell deep into heroin addiction. Today, Sarah’s in recovery. And Justin’s mom Kathy Stewart helps to care for her four children. Less than a year after finally going into recovery, Justin died of an illness.

And we also hear the first of a series of interviews from WVPB’s own Jim Lange, host of Eclectopia. Nashville may be many things, but not the place you would expect to find a retro chic Hawaiian band. Lange speaks with John Kaler about his new band, Hula HiFi. You can hear Eclectopia at 10 p.m. Fridays on West Virginia Public Broadcasting.

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