Faith Leaders Weigh in on Capitol Poster Controversy


On this West Virginia Morning, on last night’s episode of “The Legislature Today,” discussion was focused on racism and discrimination. This was in reaction to the anti-Muslim poster and materials displayed during West Virginia’s GOP Day at the Capitol last Friday. Host Suzanne Higgins spoke with three of West Virginia’s faith leaders: Rabbi Victor Urecki, Father Brian O’Donnell, and Ibtesam Sue Barazi, Vice President of the Islamic Association of West Virginia. We hear an excerpt from the interview.

Also on today’s show, isolation and loneliness can have a big impact on human health. And it may be one of the biggest challenges facing rural seniors. Kara Lofton takes a look at how home meal delivery programs are not only delivering food but human interaction.

And a new study finds more than 90 percent of the nation’s coal ash repositories are leaking unsafe levels of toxic chemicals into nearby groundwater. As Brittany Patterson reports, more than 30 coal plants in the Ohio Valley are on the list.

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