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DuPont Presents Its Side in C8 Illness Lawsuit


DuPont is presenting its case this week in one of the 3,500 lawsuits alleging a link between illnesses and the company discharging the chemical C8 into the Ohio River.

The Columbus Dispatch reports Anthony Playtis, who spent years overseeing testing and monitoring of workers at DuPont’s Ohio River plant in West Virginia, testified that blood tests of plant workers were below the company’s acceptable exposure limit.

The plant dumped as much as 55,000 pounds of C8 into the river each year that made its way into drinking water.

Playtis says he and his family live near the plant and still drink tap water.

The case against the Delaware-based chemical company alleges a Washington County man got testicular cancer because of C8, a chemical used to make Teflon.