DOT Secretary Backs Billion Dollar Bond Initiative


On The Legislature Today, during his State of the State Address, Gov. Jim Justice presented lawmakers with two plans.

The first was a way to balance the 2018 budget. The second, was a plan to raise more than $1 billion for road construction in the state through a road bond. Since, Justice has been traveling the state promoting that bond plan, but lawmakers have taken little action.

Secretary of the Department of Transportation Tom Smith discusses the proposal and whether Justice has given up on the push for new road funding.

Under a tax reform initiative in the Senate, West Virginians would pay a lower rate of income tax, but higher sales and property taxes—that is if both a Senate Bill and a Constitutional amendment make it through the legislative process and are approved by voters.


The Select Committee on Tax Reform and a Senate Finance subcommittee discussed the changes this morning, which members on both sides of the aisle say they have concerns over.

The House Judiciary Committee is considering a bill to require parents or guardians be notified if their underage daughter is seeking an abortion. House Bill 2002 was the subject of a public hearing at the Capitol this morning.