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Deer Kills up 32 Percent in 2015


The number of deer killed in West Virginia last year rose 32 percent compared with 2014.

The Division of Natural Resources says hunters killed more than 138,000 deer during the bucks-only, antlerless, muzzleloader, archery and youth/Class Q and Class XS deer seasons.

That compares to the nearly 105,000 deer killed in 2014, and is 10 percent above the five-year average of about 126,000.

Last year’s deer total includes nearly 60,814 killed during the buck firearm season, 39,853 during all antlerless firearm hunting opportunities, 32,540 deer during archery season and 5,179 deer during muzzleloader season.

Preston County had the most kills at 5,080, followed by Ritchie County at 4,527, Lewis County at 4,506, and Jackson County at 4,333.