Caitlin Tan Published

Concord To Extend Spring Break To Curtail Potential COVID-19

Concord University's Marsh Hall Bell Tower.

Concord University has announced it will extend its current spring break by a week, until March 20, to curtail the potential spread of coronavirus, or COVID-19, coming on the tail end of Marshall University’s and West Virginia University’s similar announcements. 

Concord University’s President Kendra Boggess said in an online annoucement that the school will evaluate and release any additional actions by March 19. She added that students with extenuating circumstances will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis regarding on-campus housing accomodations. 

According to the announcement, faculty and staff will report to work as scheduled upon returning from spring break, March 16. Throughout the week trainings will be held that “may or may not become neccessary for continuing university operations during the remainder of the semester.” 

All unversity sanctioned travel is cancelled for the foreseeable future, with campus events cancelled next week. 

This comes after Marshall University announced earlier in the day that in-person classes will be suspended from March 16 to 20. The week is followed by spring break, with classes transitionig to remote learning beginning March 30. 

Additionally, WVU announced Tuesday evening it will suspend in-person classes the week following its spring break, and resume classes remotley starting March 30.