Curtis Tate Published

Cass Scenic Railroad Reopens 15 Miles Of Track Along Greenbrier River

A geared steam locomotive clatters along the track, with puffs of steam streaming out of its stack against a gray sky and bare trees next to a rushing river.
The Greenbrier Express will make a round-trip from Cass to Durbin starting on May 20.
Cass Scenic Railroad

With a blast of the whistle from Shay steam locomotive No. 5, the Cass Scenic Railroad rolled once again on the line from Cass to Durbin.

A washed out bridge closed the line for almost 40 years following a flood in 1985.

Secretary of Transportation Jimmy Wriston was on hand for the inaugural run across the new Trout Run bridge, which was built by his department.

“That’s what we do in this state,” he said. “When we have a tough job to do, we roll up our sleeves and do it. That’s what happened and that’s what this bridge represents.”

Cass can now run trains on the entire 15 miles of track along the Greenbrier River.

The Greenbrier Express will operate on Saturdays and Sundays starting this weekend and Wednesday through Sunday from Memorial Day to Labor Day. 

The trains depart Cass at 10 a.m.

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