Campus Carry, Foster Care, Tobacco – Major Bills Move As We Hit Final Days of 2019 Session


Emotions ran high in the House of Delegates late Wednesday evening as HB 2519 – the Campus Self Defense Act – came to the floor after a day of procedures that took it off and then back on the House’s active calendar. We recap the night’s action, and we take a special look at foster care.

Senior Statehouse Reporter Dave Mistich joins host Suzanne Higgins to discuss the magnitude of debate that occurred in the House of Delegates over the campus carry bill.

SB 348, which passed out of the Senate Wednesday, would raise the age to sell or purchase tobacco products from 18 to 21. The bill also proposes penalties for second hand smoke affecting children, which includes vaping products and e-cigarettes. Reporter Randy Yohe brings us public perspective from many in the age group who would be affected.

The massive foster care bill – HB 2010 – is under consideration in the Senate Health and Human Resources Committee. Health Reporter Kara Lofton leads a discussion on the bill with Amy Kennedy Rickman of West Virginia NECCO and Kristen O’Sullivan of Our Children Our Future.

On Friday, we’ll have our weekly reporter roundtable. We will take a look at what bills survived Crossover Day and are now being considered in the opposite chamber.