Auditor Says OASIS Project Completion within Reach


On The Legislature Today, state Auditor J.B. McCuskey said on the campaign trail he would complete the OASIS implementation process, and just over a month on the job, he says the state is on track to meet that goal by July 1, 2018. 

OASIS is the computer operating system the state has spent years and millions of dollars implementing.

McCuskey discusses the latest with the program and his legislative priorities for the session, including his push for a bill that would divert payments from contractors who owe the state money to the state’s general revenue account. 

West Virginia’s only third party member of the Legislature, Independent Del. Rupie Phillips, discusses why he switch party affiliations and how he’s making sure his priorities are heard.

Members of the House vote on a bill to change some water discharge standards, bringing them in line with federal rules despite concerns expressed during a public hearing earlier this week that the changes would impact the state’s drinking water.

Senators approve a bill to regulate the usage of drones in the state, limiting both personal, commercial, and public usage.