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Apply for the WVPB Small Business Offer

We want to help. In response to the economic crisis from COVID-19, WVPB is offering a limited series of free radio announcements to the first 20 independent and locally owned restaurants whose owners contact us telling us how your services have changed due to the pandemic. To qualify, you must apply by midnight, April 14.

How Does It Work?

1. If you are a local, independent restaurant owner who has had to change your service due to the pandemic you are urged to apply for the WVPB Small Business Offer in the form below.

2. Who’s eligible? Any locally owned, independent restaurant that has had to change its operating practices due to the coronavirus pandemic. If you are a franchise restaurant that already had a drive-thru service prior to the crisis, such as McDonald’s, Wendy’s, Taco Bell, etc., you are not eligible to participate.

3. Are bars eligible? If you are an independent bar owner serving food and have had to change your service due to the pandemic, you are eligible to apply. WVPB cannot air announcements about your alcohol service.

4. Deadline for entry: Midnight, April 14. WVPB will accept the first 20 ELIGIBLE applicants for this round of announcements. Additional Small Business Offers may become available depending on response to this offering.

5. Chosen applicants will be contacted by WVPB Underwriting Department staff who will provide additional information about placement of the radio announcements and will write copy for the announcements based on information from the business owner.