Another Marathon Day in Senate, Dozens of Amendments Considered to Education Reform Bill


In this reporter roundtable, we recap the week’s proceedings over Senate Bill 451 – a massive bill to reform public education in West Virginia. We bring you up-to-date on where the bill is now and where it’s heading.

Senators considered amendments to SB 451 all day on Friday, and they’ve continued their work into the evening.

Brad McElhinny of WV MetroNews and Ryan Quinn of the Charleston Gazette-Mail join host Suzanne Higgins to discuss the latest action on the bill. Here are highlights from the interview:

  • Recapping a week of SB 451 action
  • More than 30 amendments considered to the bill
  • Amendment to remove the “non-severability clause” in the bill; failed
  • Amendment to remove “charter schools” from the bill; failed
  • An overview of all the floor amendments
  • Where SB 451 goes from here