A Discussion On Veterans Issues – Challenges And Legislation That May Help


We highlight the multiple challenges West Virginia’s active military members and veterans face, and we explore legislation addressing many of those concerns. We also bring you the latest news from the West Virginia Legislature.

Host Suzanne Higgins speaks with reporter Emily Allen and senior reporter Dave Mistich about the latest legislative action surrounding child welfare issues and the heated debate over a resolution that would repeal the tax on manufacturing equipment and inventory.

Later this week, veterans will gather at the Capitol for Veterans Visibility Day, an opportunity to speak with lawmakers about many of the challenges they face and perhaps some policy changes to address them. To talk about that work, Higgins is joined by the Chairman of the Senate Military Committee, Sen. Ryan Weld, Majority Whip, R-Brooke, and Sen. Douglas Facemire, D-Braxton, a long-time member of the committee.

Tomorrow on the Legislature Today, we’ll explore what officials say is the escalating problem for seniors facing hunger and isolation. We’ll speak with the President of the West Virginia Directors of Senior and Community Services.