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4th Suit Linking DuPont C8 Dumping to Illness Goes to Trial

DuPont's Washington Works

Another of the 3,500 lawsuits alleging links between people’s illnesses and DuPont discharging C8 into drinking water and the Ohio River is heading to trial in federal court in central Ohio this week.

The Columbus Dispatch reports the case against the Delaware-based chemical company alleges a Washington County man got testicular cancer because of C8, a chemical used to make Teflon.

It was dumped from a DuPont plant in West Virginia. DuPont says it didn’t consciously disregard risks to nearby residents.

This is among the first few cases to be heard.

In one now under appeal, jurors awarded $1.6 million to a woman who got cancer. A second test case was dismissed after a doctor changed a plaintiff’s diagnosis. A third case was settled, and details weren’t disclosed.