Chris Schulz Published

WVU Receives Federal Funding For Scientific Research

A closeup on a microscope's lenses with a hand in the foregroundFlickr

West Virginia University (WVU) was awarded close to $2.6 million from the National Science Foundation (NSF) for three scientific research projects.

The majority of the money – $2 million – will go towards a physics research project into two-photon imaging, including through upgrading existing imaging facilities. The technology has neuroscience applications, as the high-resolution imaging from two-photon microscopes allows researchers to study complex motor-to-sensory circuits and how they interact.

A helium recovery system will receive $300,000, and when built, it will capture, recycle and reuse helium. The helium will support research in chemistry, biology and nuclear magnetic resonance.

The remaining $300,000 will fund a project to investigate the role of new quantum materials in technological advancements, including artificial intelligence and interdisciplinary fields that bridge materials and data science.