WVU Professor Talks Russia/Ukraine Conflict


Tensions are high as negotiations continue over whether Russian forces will leave Ukraine’s Crimean peninsula. One West Virginia University professor is hoping the conflict is able to come to an end.

Russian forces are in the Ukrainian province of Crimea. This international incident is causing problems for the American government, and for President Obama, who is trying to get the Russian government’s influence out of the region. Boris Barkanov, a political science professor at West Virginia University who once lived in Russia, says that the situation is understandably very dire. He says he’s hoping the situation doesn’t escalate into a more international conflict.

I think this is a very tense and dangerous situation, and I think everyone should stay sober and keep the temperature down,” he said.

Barkanov says while the world watches what goes on in the Ukraine, it’s a mixed bag in terms of what people want to see happen.

“If you’re in Eastern Europe, probably you will be looking towards American support. I think many people in Ukraine are looking towards American support, against the Russians,” he said.