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WVU Ordered to Make 'Right to Work' Emails Available


A judge has ruled that West Virginia University must make available seven previously redacted emails about a report about right-to-work legislation that a business professor prepared for the legislature.

Monongalia County Circuit Judge Phillip Gaujot ruled against the university’s Board of Governors on Tuesday, finding that the International Brotherhood of Teamsters is entitled to see the emails.

The union filed two lawsuits last month accusing the university and the state Senate of violating the state’s Freedom of Information Act.

The union contends $17,000 in state money was used to fund a study for the GOP’s anti-work objective rather than an independent study.

So-called “right to work” states prohibit companies from requiring employees to pay union dues as a condition of employment. On July 1, West Virginia will become the 26th right-to-work state.