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WVU Board OKs Exceeding Non-Classified Staff Limit

Woodburn Hall, West Virginia University

  West Virginia University’s board has approved a plan to expand the percentage of the school’s non-classified staff.

The Dominion Post reports that the move is in response to a new state law that changed the way the percentage of a school’s staff is calculated. Previously, all employees were counted. The new law removes faculty from the equation.

The change increased WVU’s percentage of non-classified staff from 12 percent to 24 percent. As of July, a university’s percentage of non-classified staff can’t exceed 20 percent.

Non-classified staff includes deans and athletic coaches.

The WVU Board of Governors voted last week to increase the percentage of non-classified employees to up to 25 percent of the staff. The West Virginia Higher Education Policy Commission must approve the proposal.