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WVU Adjusts Cuts To World Languages

West Virginia University's iconic Woodburn Hall - a brick building with a distinctive clock tower - on a sunny day in front of a blue sky with several clouds. In front of the building can be seen the green space Woodburn Circle, with students walking across.
WVU's Woodburn Hall
Chris Schulz/West Virginia Public Broadcasting

Following an appeals process, West Virginia University has amended its proposal to close its World Languages department. 

The WVU Office of the Provost announced Tuesday that after a hearing Friday, it is recommending the university continue to provide face-to-face instruction in Spanish and Chinese.

The proposal still includes the elimination of all foreign language majors and master’s degree programs, as well as the closure of the World Languages Department. Additionally, the five remaining faculty positions would be moved to another yet to be determined unit.

In a press release, Provost Maryanne Reed said the change will allow students to take language courses as electives and potentially as minors. The release also stated the Provost’s Office will continue to pursue the elimination of the language requirements for other majors.

The preliminary recommendations for two other departments, the Division of Forestry and Natural Resources and the Department of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering were not changed from the preliminary recommendation.

A proposal to cut faculty in the School of Public Health by 14 positions was adjusted to cut 11 positions.

More updates to cuts are expected this week as appeals continue through Friday. The WVU Board of Governors will vote to finalize all proposed cuts on Sept. 15.