Ashton Marra Published

WVOASIS Being Tested for Security Weaknesses


Lawmakers were updated today on the security measures the state is taking to protect employee information in the OASIS system. 

WVOASIS stands for Our Advanced Solution with Integrated Systems. The computer software system is designed to integrate all functions of state government into one and has been rolled out in phases since 2013.

The system will eventually house all state personnel data, including payroll information and social security numbers, but at an October meeting OASIS project director Rick Pickens told lawmakers he wasn’t sure what security measures had been taken to protect that information.

Lawmakers were updated in a brief meeting Monday that all of the information has been encrypted and two major security tests have been performed.

Delegate Gary Howell, who will soon become the House Chairman for the Committee on Government Organization, has requested the West Virginia National Guard cyber security team also test the system for any weaknesses to prevent hackers from reaching the information.

Pickens expects that test to happen within the next few months.