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Work Continues on Dam Removal Despite Lawsuit


Removal of the first of three Clarksburg Water Board dams continues despite a last-minute legal move to try to halt the project.

The Exponent Telegram reports the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is currently overseeing the removal of the West Milford, Two-Lick and Highland Dams on West Fork River.

The dams are being removed so the board can save on maintenance costs, and so the West Fork River can be restored to its natural state.

Farmer John Stenger filed a lawsuit against the water board Tuesday. Stenger owns property along the deep-water pools near the West Milford and Highland dams. His lawsuit contends that the demolition of the dams would damage his right to access of the pools.

Callie McMunigal of the Fish and Wildlife Service declined to comment on the lawsuit. She says the Service hasn’t been given any notification to stop work.