Wild, Wondering West Virginia Turns Attention To Appalachian Mountains


On this West Virginia Morning, Wheeling resident and entrepreneur Brian Joseph posed the latest question in our ongoing Wild, Wondering West Virginia series. He asked us to tell the story of what some say are the oldest mountains in the world — the Appalachian Mountains — including sister mountain range, the Atlas Mountains.

This question won our online voting round, so we decided to visit with Joseph to gain a bit more insight into his curiosity. Glynis Board reports.

Also on today’s show, we’ll continue to listen to our series from the StoryCorps project, which visited West Virginia last year and recorded 109 interviews with West Virginians. One of the conversations was between Mike Friel and his friend and colleague, Deacon Stone. They spoke about Stone’s childhood, and what it was like to be estranged from his father and how it has influenced his own approach to fatherhood.

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