Ashton Marra Published

Where to Seek Shelter in Fayette County


After a train derailment near the Fayette- Kanawha County line Monday afternoon, residents within a half mile radius of Armstrong Creek Road are being asked to evacuate their homes, according to a press release from the West Virginia State Police. 

A representative of a West Virginia chapter of the American Red Cross says some shelters have been made available, but Red Cross workers who were attempting to set up an overnight shelter at Valley High School in Smithers were not able to reach the location as of 5 p.m. Monday.

The Red Cross will continue to try to reach the location, but Valley High is open to evacuees as a place to stay warm.

Evacuation / Shelter Locations:

A Red Cross representative said the Armstrong Creek and Falls View Community Centers are also open for evacuees, but are not Red Cross sponsored centers with overnight accommodations. 
For more information about shelters, contact the Montgomery Fire Department at 304-442-5139.