What's the Correct Way to Say Monongahela?


On this West Virginia Morning, if you live in or have ever been to Morgantown, West Virginia, you’ve probably driven over or near the Monongahela River — or, as some people pronounce it, Mononga-HAY-la. 

So, which is the correct way to say it? And where does the name come from, anyway?

On a recent episode of Inside Appalachia, guest host Glynis Board explains — in our series called “What’s in a Name.”

Also on today’s show, swords, sorcery, other worlds and plenty of action are staples of the fantasy novel genre. Craig Halloran, from Charleston, West Virginia, has written 70 books in 10 years, taking his readers to far-off lands. He spoke to Inside Appalachia associate producer Eric Douglas about how he writes so quickly and keeps creating books his fans want to read.

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